Mar 17 2015

Article from Preventative Vet

Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Possibly a cat!

It’s likely not “news” to you that cats like warm places. However, what you may not realize or think about on a regular basis this time of year is that often, for cats that spend any amount of time outdoors, those warm places involve your and your neighbor’s cars and trucks.

Perhaps you’ve seen or read the stories of cats who have gotten injured while seeking warmth outside on these cold days?

Given that these injuries don’t just happen to your own cats, but also to your neighbor’s cats and to stray cats, prevention isn’t as simple as keeping your cats indoors. Fortunately though, it’s still quite easy to prevent these painful and distressing events.

Below are two quick steps you can easily make part of your morning routine to keep all cats a little bit safer during these colder months. Try doing them both before starting your engine, and don’t forget to encourage your neighbors to do the same.

Knock on your hood: As you’re walking around to your driver’s side door, take a quick second to knock a couple times on your hood. This will wake up and serve warning to any cats (or other critters) who have taken up residence near your previously warm engine block the evening before.

Honk your horn: Once getting in your car and before starting your engine, give a little toot or two of your horn. This will serve as a (second) warning and wake-up call to the aforementioned cats who might have “hit the snooze button” after your hood knocks.

And here’s a great (and inexpensive & easy) way to keep cats out of your engine compartment in the first place… make and set out this DIY outdoor cat shelter. How cool!

Have a great weekend, stay warm and be safe!


Dr. Jason Nicholas
The Preventive Vet

P.S. If you know anyone who would benefit from this tip please share.

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